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Moving Oscars into the future

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With respect for the past, Ernst Rosén aims to transform this historical building into 20 unique all year-round apartments.

The original building, also named Oscars was built and opened in 1899, consisting of 20 hotel rooms, a popular restaurant and night club.
The glory days of Oscars was fairly short-lived since the tourism declined, also reducing investments in the maintenance of the building. As early as the 1940s the degradation was becoming visible. Ernst Rosén acquired the property in 2004 with the ambition to attract more permanent residents to Marstrand. The process turned out to be more challenging than expected. But what has been, has been. Now it’s time for new beginnings.

Ernst Rosén has a long experience of carefully restoring historic buildings. Together with the architectural firm White we created a proposal for the future version of Oscars, with facades inspired by the classical architecture of Marstrand. With hard work, great minds and respect for the past, we will add another chapter to this historic place, so it once again will become a landmark at Marstrand.

Welcome to join the journey of Oscars!

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